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  • Deburrs Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Copper

  • Deburrs at a rate of 1 foot/second

  • Won't distort sheets or mar surfaces

  • Deburrs bottom and top edges in one pass

  • Eliminates scallop marks

  • No filing or grinding

  • Easily adjustable for material thicknesses from 24 guage to 1/4 inch

  • Accomodates sheet lengths from 1/4 inch to 10 feet or more

  • Widths from 1/2 inch to 4 feet or more

  • 4 models available with an adjustable work table

  • 4 D-Burr-R models equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability

  • 1 table-top model available

  • Machine purchase includes tools and fixtures

  • We supply and ship parts and tools daily

  • Tool bits and belts are the ONLY consumables

  • The pre-sharpened triangular cutting tool can be rotated for a longer life from approximately 8 months to 1 year


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